picture-43There are a few pieces we find so remarkable in this home, we simply have to mention them. The chandelier adorning the foyer ceiling is such an item. Handcrafted in the United States by Fine Art– a revered fixture maker established in Florida since 1941, it retails at $27,499.95 (Our good friends at Lando lighting introduced us to this piece). No matter the cost, Vasile was convinced this 3 tiered solid brass piece would crown the grand entrance foyer perfectly. A nod to early 18th century London, its’ strong traditional roots compliment the home design as a whole. Each of the 20 lights are fully faceted by optic quality glass crystal, which create a stunning effect of refracted light. We were thrilled to find a chandelier that makes the most of its position, capturing the light so well during the day, and flattering the surrounding colour with its rich patina and garnet undertone finish.
Both plumbing and lighting fixtures become a significant expense in homes of this caliber. The differences are enormous nonetheless, both in design, quality and service. Obviously a new design requires all proper safety certifications, this coupled with smaller production runs, as well as superior material (and usually more of it) equate to exclusive prices.  You might consider viewing a short piece on the maker of this chandelier by clicking on the image below, for a better appreciation of what’s involved. What you pay for is what you get, though I did mention to Vasile he might’ve considered buying a nice used 5 series instead…

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