Edgewater Phase B Community

Boasting large lots with views of a private lake, EdgeWater Estates is an exclusive neighbourhood of elegant custom homes that interconnects nature, wildlife, recreation and community.

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Situated in the town of Kilworth, just outside of London, with views of a private lake and just steps away from four prestigious golf courses and the many hiking and biking trails of Komoka-Kilworth Provincial Park. Enjoy the charm and privacy of a country lifestyle, all with easy access to the big city.


Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature, with views of the lake and river and acres of parkland right at your doorstep. Hike or mountain bike along the many trails, enjoy a round of golf or stay active indoors at the Kilworth recreation complex. At EdgeWater, you can enjoy upscale country living without sacrificing world-class dining, shopping, and culture.

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Lot 1 Westbrook Drive23.49111.18Sold
Lot 2 Westbrook Drive57.64125Available 2023
Lot 3 Westbrook Drive22.01111.18Sold
Lot 4 Westbrook Drive23.49111.18Sold
Lot 5 Westbrook Drive23.49111.18Sold
Lot 6 Westbrook Drive57.64125Available 2023
Lot 7 Westbrook Drive22.01109.74Sold
Lot 8 Westbrook Drive23.49109.74Sold
Lot 9 Westbrook Drive23.49109.74Sold
Lot 10 Westbrook Drive57.93128.33Available 2023
Lot 11 Westbrook Drive58.14128.47Available 2023
Lot 12 Street One23.49109.74Sold
Lot 13 Street One65.58125Available 2023
Lot 14 Street One65.58125Available 2023
Lot 15 Street One22.0198.53Sold
Lot 16 Street One23.4998.53Sold
Lot 17 Street One23.2398.53Sold
Lot 18 Street One65.58125Available 2023
Lot 19 Street One22.0198.53Sold
Lot 20 Street One22.0198.53Sold
Lot 21 Street One23.2398.53Sold
Lot 22 Street One23.2398.53Soldhttps://millstonehomes.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Lot-22-Lismer-Lane.png
Lot 23 Street One22.0198.53Sold
Lot 24 Street One22.0198.53Sold
Lot 25 Street One22.0198.53Soldhttps://millstonehomes.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Lot-25-Lismer-Lane.png
Lot 26 Street One75.54124.19Available 2023
Lot 27 Street One23.4998.53Sold
Lot 28 Street One22.0198.53Sold
Lot 29 Street One22.0198.53Sold
Lot 30 Street One23.4998.53Sold
Lot 31 Street One23.4998.53Sold
Lot 32 Street One22.0198.53Sold
Lot 33 Street One22.0198.53Sold
Lot 34 Street One23.4998.53Sold
Lot 35 Edgewater Blvd23.7598.46Soldhttps://millstonehomes.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Lot-35-David-Milne-Way.png
Lot 36 Edgewater Blvd82.2125Available 2023https://millstonehomes.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Lot-36-David-Milne-Way.png
Lot 37 Edgewater Blvd23.7598.46Sold
Lot 38 Edgewater Blvd23.4998.46Sold
Lot 39 Edgewater Blvd22.0198.46Soldhttps://millstonehomes.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Lot-39-David-Milne-Way.png
Lot 40 Edgewater Blvd22.01105.09Sold
Lot 41 Edgewater Blvd23.49105.09Sold
Lot 42 Edgewater Blvd23.75105.09Sold