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It’s pinch time for home-builders like few times before. Many builders are offering all types of wild concessions on home pricing, whether it be free appliances, finished basements, or “$35,000 off”. We can all rest assured one still pays for it somehow or other. It’s especially humorous to see when certain track-home builders advertise discounts larger than they can ever possibly make profit on a home. If anyone has gone through the new-home buying process, they know of the shocking prices for “upgrades” are other fees and premiums. At Millstone Homes, we believe we have always offered more value than other builders, by offering homes that are much better built and equipped– “upgrades” that would not be included or even thought of otherwise. We have been able to stand alone by designing creatively, sourcing materials locally and abroad, negotiating successfully, and working with the right trades at the right price. There are many details to consider from materials (Lumber dimensions, type), product performance (window, appliance specs), to interior finishing (material specs, size), but all very much worth it. At the same time, it is a buyer’s market and we are perfectly placed to take advantage of some materials and labour, prices that have been reduced, as well as reducing our own margins drastically. It is a very difficult time for all of us, but we continue to build our best.

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