Talbotville Meadows

Nature’s embrace in a unique home built just for you: experience Talbotville Meadows, the place of your dream home.

Width Ft
Length Ft
Lot 7 Royal Crescent55.12124.67Available
Lot 15 Royal Crescent55.12172.04Available
Lot 21 Royal Crescent50.85131.23Available
Lot 24 Royal Crescent50.85131.23Available
Lot 25 Royal Crescent50.85131.23Available
Lot 27 Royal Crescent50.85131.23Available
Lot 30 Woodland Walk47.57101.71Available
Lot 44 Woodland Walk50.2131.23Available
Lot 45 Woodland Walk50.2131.23Available
Lot 47 Woodland Walk50.2131.23Available
Lot 50 Woodland Walk50.2131.23Available
Lot 53 Woodland Walk50.2131.23Available
Lot 59 Woodland Walk50.2127.19On Hold
Lot 60 Woodland Walk50.2120.63Available
Lot 64 Woodland Walk59.06119.82Available
Lot 65 Five Stakes Street79.53194.79Available
Lot 71 Five Stakes Street50.2131.23Available
Lot 72 Five Stakes Street50.2131.23Available
Lot 75 Five Stakes Street50.2131.23Available
Lot 76 Five Stakes Street50.2131.23Available
Lot 89 Heron Street50.52114.83Available
Lot 90 Heron Street50.52114.83Available
Lot 92 Heron Street50.52114.83Available
Lot 98 Heron Street50.52111.67Available
Lot 99 Heron Street50.52114.95Available


Located minutes off Highway 401 on your way to St Thomas, Talbotville Meadows offers easy access to major transportation routes, making it a breeze to travel or reach London in less than 10 minutes. This idyllic subdivision is on the outskirts of charming St. Thomas, where you’ll find plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment options as well.


Talbotville offers the perfect balance of small town living surrounded by nature with great accessibility to small-town charm and big city convenience all within a 10-minute drive. St Thomas offers all the conveniences plus the small town vibes, a range of great shops, dining options for every taste and budget and mom & pop shops. Even as a smaller city, St Thomas boasts a range of quality primary and high schools.