Goldfield Community

We needn’t explain the how great the opportunity is when land becomes available in the midst of a mature community, and an exclusive one at that! Mere minutes from London Health Sciences Centre and smack dab in the middle of the best South London has to offer!

Width Ft
Length Ft
Lot 1 Emilycarr Lane23.49111.18Sold
Lot 2 Emilycarr Lane22.01111.18Sold
Lot 3 Emilycarr Lane22.01111.18Sold
Lot 4 Emilycarr Lane23.49111.18Sold
Lot 5 Emilycarr Lane23.49111.18Sold
Lot 6 Emilycarr Lane22.01111.18Sold
Lot 7 Emilycarr Lane22.01109.74Sold
Lot 8 Emilycarr Lane23.49109.74Available, Freehold
Lot 9 Emilycarr Lane23.49109.74Sold
Lot 10 Emilycarr Lane22.01109.74Sold
Lot 11 Emilycarr Lane22.01109.74Sold
Lot 12 Emilycarr Lane23.49109.74Sold
Lot 13 Lismer Lane23.4998.53Sold
Lot 14 Lismer Lane22.0198.53Sold
Lot 15 Lismer Lane22.0198.53Sold
Lot 16 Lismer Lane23.4998.53Sold
Lot 17 Lismer Lane23.2398.53Sold
Lot 18 Lismer Lane22.0198.53Sold
Lot 19 Lismer Lane22.0198.53Sold
Lot 20 Lismer Lane22.0198.53Sold
Lot 21 Lismer Lane23.2398.53Sold
Lot 22 Lismer Lane23.2398.53Available, Freehold
Lot 23 Lismer Lane22.0198.53Available, Freehold
Lot 24 Lismer Lane22.0198.53Available, Freehold
Lot 25 Lismer Lane22.0198.53Available, Freehold
Lot 26 Lismer Lane23.2398.53Available, Freehold
Lot 27 Lismer Lane23.4998.53Sold
Lot 28 Lismer Lane22.0198.53Sold
Lot 29 Lismer Lane22.0198.53Sold
Lot 30 Lismer Lane23.4998.53Sold
Lot 31 Lismer Lane23.4998.53Sold
Lot 32 Lismer Lane22.0198.53Sold
Lot 33 Lismer Lane22.0198.53Sold
Lot 34 Lismer Lane23.4998.53Sold
Lot 35 David Milne Way23.7598.46Available, Freehold
Lot 36 David Milne Way22.0198.46Available, Freehold
Lot 37 David Milne Way23.7598.46Available, Freehold
Lot 38 David Milne Way23.4998.46Sold
Lot 39 David Milne Way22.0198.46Sold
Lot 40 David Milne Way22.01105.09Sold
Lot 41 David Milne Way23.49105.09Sold
Lot 42 David Milne Way23.75105.09Available, Freehold
Lot 43 David Milne Way22.01105.09Available, Freehold
Lot 44 David Milne Way23.75105.09Available, Freehold
Lot 23 Internal Road29.1147.35Available, Condo
Lot 25 Internal Road21.9847.35Available, Condo
Lot 27 Internal Road21.9847.35Available, Condo
Lot 29 Internal Road29.343.93Available, Condo
Lot 24 David Milne Way29.1149.23Available, Condo
Lot 26 David Milne Way21.9848.47Available, Condo
Lot 28 David Milne Way21.9858.22Available, Condo
Lot 30 David Milne Way21.9848.38Available, Condo
Lot 32 Internal Road28.9844.35Available, Condo
Lot 34 Internal Road21.9850.23Available, Condo
Lot 36 Internal Road21.9848.91Available, Condo
Lot 38 Internal Road21.9847.6Available, Condo
Lot 40 Internal Road29.1545.86Available, Condo
Lot 33 David Milne Way28.9852.46Available, Condo
Lot 35 David Milne Way21.9850.44Available, Condo
Lot 37 David Milne Way21.9849.08Available, Condo
Lot 39 David Milne Way21.9848.41Available, Condo
Lot 41 David Milne Way29.1548.41Available, Condo
Lot 21 Emilycarr Lane29.1347.61Available, Condo
Lot 19 Emilycarr Lane21.9847.58Available, Condo
Lot 17 Emilycarr Lane21.9847.54Available, Condo
Lot 15 Emilycarr Lane21.9847.51Available, Condo
Lot 13 Emilycarr Lane21.9847.47Available, Condo
Lot 11 Emilycarr Lane23.9647.43Available, Condo
Lot 22 Internal Road29.1346.96Available, Condo
Lot 20 Internal Road21.9847Available, Condo
Lot 18 Internal Road21.9847.04Available, Condo
Lot 16 Internal Road21.9847.08Available, Condo
Lot 14 Internal Road21.9847.13Available, Condo
Lot 12 Internal Road23.9647.17Available, Condo
Lot 9 Emilycarr Lane23.9547.15Available, Condo
Lot 7 Emilycarr Lane21.9847.16Available, Condo
Lot 5 Emilycarr Lane21.9847.17Available, Condo
Lot 3 Emilycarr Lane21.9847.16Available, Condo
Lot 1 Emilycarr Lane29.1547.19Available, Condo
Lot 10 Internal Road23.9547.46Available, Condo
Lot 8 Internal Road21.9847.46Available, Condo
Lot 6 Internal Road21.9847.46Available, Condo
Lot 4 Internal Road21.9847.46Available, Condo
Lot 2 Internal Road29.1547.46Available, Condo
Lot 31 David Milne Way23.9850.6Available, Condo


Silverleaf is a dynamic project that combines community and nature, all into your own active lifestyle. Experience the luxury of a home custom-designed for you and your family. This prestigious neighborhood offers over 46 acres of open space, with walking trails meandering throughout the development. Coming home means leaving the hustle and bustle of work life, and entering the serene sanctuary of nature right outside your front door!


The Pointe at EdgeWater Estates offers many vantage points where you can see and breathe in the sights and the sounds of your new glorious surroundings! You can enjoy natural vistas like beautiful sunsets stretched over our private lake. Take one of the adjacent paths along the Thames River where you can see wildlife like beaver and deer. Lots within The Pointe collection are graced with 60-80 foot frontages—ample for generous garages and tasteful home facades.