vasile-and-gregoryA blogging builder might sound strange, but we like what we do. We’re also so proud of what we do (things others might not see or appreciate), we think we might’ve found the place to flatter ourselves.

Like much else in life, it’s essentially about having the drive and passion to create the very best, the experience to support it, and the right team (people and contractors) to orchestrate it.

Value for money is paramount, and it’s about being both efficient and creative enough to build this value. If a builder doesn’t compare apples to apples and show you $/sqft, forget them.

We’re usually a conservative bunch (for obvious good reason) but being receptive to new technologies, design and ideas lacks severely in this service.

Lastly, trusted, transparent service is of utmost importance. We coined the “tailor and banker” comparison because we truly believe it (you are entrusting your most significant garment and investment to a homebuilder). Our word and values is what make us.