There are parts of the innards of a home that can lead to much misery if done carelessly. Loose floors are one of the many. While we prepped the sub-floor for the hardwood setter in one of our homes, we found a squeaky spot that wouldn’t quit. After screwing the sub-floor down to oblivion, cutting holes to investigate underneath, we decided to remove the whole board, which is super fun work when it’s been glued down (we require the framer fasten boards with both nails and a bonding agent). Lo and behold, there were joists not properly nailed in. The metal joist hangers were creaking ever so slightly against the nails, which weren’t deep enough. There are many “little things” such as this that can cause anguish, leadinging to dissatisfied homeowners in the long run, and rightly so. One of the reasons we usually go on the overkill side… Above-left is a picture of how we made sure the sub-floor underneath the marble in the foyer will greet us by being utterly speechless: The many dots you see are wood screws. (The moulding is stained and finished crown– stained not painted, installed skillfully by Val.) On the left is the cursed (loose) joist hanger.