staircaseHaving sourced Black Walnut circular stairs through Heritage Stair & Railing co, we were elated when they were finally installed. There is much solid wood used in the home, and the finishing process is an important one, to ensure constant sheen, colour and smooth finish. The solid doors were removed again after being hung, to be varnished at the factory, ensuring a furniture grade finish. The stairs obviously can’t be removed for finishing off site, so the site must become the “factory”. Surely you have seen or touched rough railings with uneven stain or varnish, and unsightly brush marks, things that make us shudder. We let our friends from Illusions Painting take over the house. Kicking everyone out, they masked the surroundings, used proper equipment to make the area dust proof, and went to work. Besides some serious skill required to properly spray varnish, equipment is an essential part of an excellent finish. A vacuum system for example, that pulls the overspray helping to ensure there are no rough spots or debris blown on. Needless to say, we are thoroughly impressed. The varnish lays perfectly on our dear staircase, with no rough spots.