At Millstone Homes, we specialize in providing new homes for sale across Southwestern Ontario. We offer a range of developments from luxury builds in boutique locations, to innovative, modern, low-energy homes.
We work with award winning architects as well as our experienced in-house design team to build both Spectacular modern structures and thoughtfully-designed homes that boast warmth and charm.
Our portfolio of quality developments ranges from modern family homes, to contemporary custom builds. Consequently our designs appeal to customers in each location because they are built to match local lifestyles and in context with the surroundings. In short we always build with you in mind. Our passion lies in finding ways to achieve your desired outcomes within your budgets. We demonstrate this with unmatched value in finishes, layouts & execution.
We take care to understand our customers’ needs, creating beautiful homes designed with intelligent living solutions. Not only do our homes look good, they are efficient to run with a focus on minimizing running costs.
Providing a high standard of customer care is important to us throughout your home-buying journey and beyond.
While we are confident you’ll be happy with your new Millstone home, all of our properties have a defect repair policy, making sure you are looked after, as well as a 7 year Tarion build warranty.


Personal service implies a level of trust that is built on transparency. There is no room for “upgrade” schemes or surprises when building a truly custom home, and we pride ourselves in providing an unmatched starting point. the design and level of finishes unmatched, we dare say that our number of inclusions are more than realistic. Not only do we pride ourselves in our calibre of build quality, but also in the value we build – finding ways to achieve our homeowners’ desired outcomes within their budgets is our passion. We’ve demonstrated this with unmatched value all over our city and encourage you to compare the level of finishes, layouts and execution by seeing them firsthand.


Though not always obvious, we know that our effort and investments in build quality will be noticed over time. You won’t notice the drafts that could have been, was it not for the extremely tight envelope. You won’t notice the creaks in the floors that were eliminated by the engineered joists, that also allow for the open-concept layouts that we’re known for. You won’t notice poor water pressure because we’ve made sure there is a consistent supply diameter throughout your plumbing system. We go above and beyond to add crucial features that prevent truss uplift to reduce wall shift that happens between seasons. Quality is our priority, even air and water quality. Needless to say, the homeowner is top-of-mind throughout the build and design process to ensure we’re providing you with the highest quality home possible.


Not only is our level of design unmatched, we urge potential clients to compare our level of finishes with any other builder locally. Years of sourcing experience and clever purchasing result in unique finishes and methods that result in truly one-of-a-kind builds. Compare our wide engineered planks, exotic stones, not to mention our trim and hardware selection, and cabinetry that rivals the most famous names in both build quality and features.


Our windows may cost almost twice as much as standard windows supplied by other builders, but they are in a class of their own. Built completely differently (German manufactured, steel-reinforced, multi-point lock frames, even the glass is thicker!) these windows are far more efficient and secure. We also urge you to compare the sheer volume of glazing on some of our models, and it's good to know that with such large windows, they're also the highest performing.


Materials sourced from around the world, design that withstands the test of time.


A Millstone Home is a personal reflection of your style and dream. With our vast library of plans, and a team of Architects, we can turn your dreams into reality. Our world sources selections provide our clients a wide array of options to realize your vision. That may seem daunting at first, so a complimentary design consultation, with the Designers of the 2017 & 2018 Dream Homes, will assist in the design process from start to finish. We look forward to building what you have always wanted.


True smart home features included, no fishing after the fact. Six speakers throughout the home, fully wired with HDMI, alarm system, mobile and voice controlled commands. Leverage the latest entertainment systems with a future-proof set-up, and keep things efficient with Wifi enabled HVAC controls.


We've been known to include single lighting fixtures that retail as much as other builder's entire


Where do I get my postal code and mail?

Canada Post can be contacted directly by phone at 1-866-607-6301 or online at – they will be able to help you determine your postal code and where you will be able to get your mail.

How do I determine where my lot lines are?

To determine your lot lines, please refer to your lot survey we provided to you on your date of possession – it should be with your legal documents. You may also find lot survey pins on your lot; these may not be 100% accurate because they could have be moved by landscapers. It’s recommended to contact a qualified surveyor prior to installing fences, hedges or any boundary features.

When will my lawn be sodded?

Laying of sod and curb installation is done seasonally, through May and November. Taking this into consideration, there may be gaps in between your curb, sod and driveway installation. Unfortunately, since all seasonal work is based on good weather and dry ground, it’s difficult to give a an exact schedule for these installations.

When can I install my fencing?

Your fence may be installed 1 year after your date of possession. The city must conduct an inspection to ensure proper drainage and function in the case of major storm events.

Can Millstone Homes provide me with a copy of the plans for my home?

Once you have taken possession of your new home, your lawyer will be the one to provide you with a copy of the plans. If you don’t have a copy, you’ll have to contact the City of London. The plans will be sent to them and placed in the archives department; Millstone doesn’t keep hold of these records.

Will all of the pre-delivery inspection work be done before our sale closes?

Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances could prevent Millstone Homes from being able to complete all of the work noted at your pre-delivery inspection before your closing date. Any other work left to be completed will be completed as soon as possible; most times they’re completed alongside any services that are required by your 30 day inspection.

Some of the instances that would prevent us from completing everything before your date of possession are:

– Materials could be on backorder from the suppliers at the time of your possession.
– Weather at the time may not permit work to be done.
– Labour availability may prevent project completion.

What date does my statutory warranty begin and do I have warranties outside of the statutory warranty provided to me?

Your statutory warranty begins on the day you receive possession.


Yes! A good portion of the features in your home have their own warranty that extends beyond the warranty we provide. For more information on the warranties provided by these manufacturers, please consults materials provided in your pre-delivery inspection package and the documents that come along with the products in your home. Some of the products that may have their own warranty include:

  • Shingles
  • Appliances
  • Furnaces
  • Windows

If I submit a 24 hour surface damage report, when will it be reviewed? Also, if I submit a report after the 24 hour period will it be accepted?

One of the Millstone Homes customer representatives will be in contact with you within 48 hours of report submission in order to schedule a repair with one of our experienced professionals.

Unfortunately, your 24-hour surface damage report must be submitted within 24 hours of your possession. Reports submitted after the 24-hour window will not be accepted by Millstone Homes.

When do I need to submit my 30 day form and who do I submit it to?

Your 30 day form must be submitted within 30 days after your possession and can be submitted to Millstone Homes directly.

When can inspections and service appointments be scheduled? Do I have to be home for the scheduled repairs?

All inspections and service appointments must be scheduled during regular business hours from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.


Yes, one of the listed purchasers must be on-site on your scheduled service date. If you’re not available, you can reschedule your appointment or provide us with a representative to be present and sign off on completed work orders in your place. However, it’s recommended that you’re present so that you’re signing off on work that is completed to your level of satisfaction.

When do I submit my year end form and who do I submit it to?

Your year end form is to be submitted within the last 30 days prior to your 1 year anniversary of your possession date. This form should be submitted directly to Millstone Homes.

When do I need to submit my second year form and who do I submit it to?

Your second year form can be submitted at any time leading up to your second year anniversary of your possession and you can submit as many as you would like. This form can be submitted directly to Millstone Homes.