We Don’t Like Bulkheads

By January 27, 2009No Comments

When duct-work is installed at the rough in stage, a contractor will usually try to be as efficient as possible with the ducts, and do his best to minimize ducts that will be sticking outside of walls and ceilings. A less experienced trades person can needlessly ruin a ceiling in the home where there could have been a solution for the ducts popping out. Our contractor goes a step further to minimize bulkheads: exterior wall ducts. Normally ducts are not installed inside exterior walls, as the walls are always insulated, so there is no room for a duct. This problem is solved by insulating and sealing the space between the studs in such a way as to retain proper r-value, while also accommodating a duct. We like clean walls and ceilings without unsightly boxes sticking out of them. Hidden accomplishments such as these make us have a very nice feeling inside.