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In Waterside you are building more than a home; you are creating a lifestyle!

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Waterside is located just moments west of London, and perfectly situated near fine dining and world-class performing arts centres. Quick access to Highways 401 and 402 mean that Toronto, Port Huron, and Detroit are just a short drive away.

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Floor Plans

Our homes begin at $600K, with each distinctive lot carefully crafted for even the most discerning new homeowner’s requirements. Exclusivity and elegance, combined with size and privacy will be assured for Waterside residents.

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Waterside is located in an exclusive building site located along and adjacent to the Thames River. Easily accessible walking trails meander throughout Waterside, offering views of not only the river, but also the occasional family of deer!

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This prestigious neighborhood offers over 46 acres of open space, with walking trails meandering throughout the development. Coming home means leaving the hustle and bustle of work life, and entering the serene sanctuary of nature right outside your front door!

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We truly believe that our home designs will fit you and your family’s needs for a private, comfortable home retreat. The results speak for themselves, and we encourage you to compare our homes in both design and quality of finishes, with that of any other London builder.

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You can Call it Home

Lush natural surroundings combined with our elegant and contemporary designs create a one-of-a-kind home for you at Waterside. Don’t wait – make your decision today!


Cinch Stables Ltd
Providence Reformed Collegiate
Parkview Public School
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School


McLachlan Pancake House
The Pub at Fire Rock
Country Hearth Family Restaurant
Hillside Restaurant & Pizza
Little Beaver Restaurant


BMO Bank of Montreal


Tim Hortons

Day Care

Tiggir’s Tots Day Care


Hillside Restaurant
Komoka Pizza & Subs


Covenant Ortodox Presbyterian Church
Knox Presbyterian Church
Kilworth United Church
Free Reformed Church

Fast Food