brains & outdoor speakerThey tell me the more wire raining into the basement, the smarter the home… After a brief conversation with the fellow installing the security, sound, entertainment, etc systems I found out a little of what is hiding behind these walls, and why there are so many wires pouring into the basement. I also started understanding why it takes weeks to program the systems to optimum settings. So many details need to be set: from “pet mode” for the security system (the pet need be under 50lbs) to secure zones, to music and lighting settings… Stay tuned for details.
(and some I remembered:)
-Central Vac system rated for 50% more square footage than it requires, ensuring maximum pulling power at all times
– 2 phone lines and network cable are wired to every room
-“ABus” entertainment system means you can listen to radio, tv, or input of any kind in any room, using the same remote; just point to a light switch-looking thing in any room
-There are 3 remotes per floor, in case the couch eats one
-Discreet inputs for your iPod, etc
-Sound system extends outside to the patio

-Pre-load your DVD collection, then select, just like your auto CD changer
-Top security system including 4 touch screen control centres and closed circuit television is currently being installed
-A special key fob unlocks the front door for a few seconds when you get near (no more fumbling in the dark balancing groceries)