[lot_information map_source=”https://millstonehomes.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/London_Home_Builders_Millstone_Homes_Map_Silverleaf_A1.jpg,https://millstonehomes.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/London_Home_Builders_Millstone_Homes_Map_Silverleaf.jpg,https://millstonehomes.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/London_Home_Builders_Millstone_Homes_Map_Silverleaf_D.jpg” image_source=”https://millstonehomes.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/London_Home_Builders_Millstone_Homes_Location_Silverleaf.jpg” see_models_image_source=”https://millstonehomes.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/London_Home_Builders_Millstone_Homes_See_Models.png” general_heading=”Here at Silverleaf Estates, learn to live in the heart of it all!” general_paragraph=”Silverleaf is a dynamic project that combines community and nature, all into your own active lifestyle. Experience the luxury of a home custom-designed for you and your family.” slider_title=’Hover over the image to see a lot detail’ areas='<area target=”” alt=”Lot 10″ title=”Lot 10″ href=”#silverleaf_10″ coords=”749,810,729,729,685,736,706,819″ shape=”poly”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 11″ title=”Lot 11″ href=”#silverleaf_11″ coords=”702,821,681,737,639,749,653,836″ shape=”poly”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 16″ title=”Lot 16″ href=”#silverleaf_16″ coords=”440,722,417,803,376,789,397,709″ shape=”poly”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 17″ title=”Lot 17″ href=”#silverleaf_17″ coords=”367,786,391,705,351,690,311,765″ shape=”poly”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 20″ title=”Lot 20″ href=”#silverleaf_20″ coords=”289,615,211,662,189,618,268,573″ shape=”poly”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 29″ title=”Lot 29″ href=”#silverleaf_29″ coords=”299,216,343,298,376,268,359,189″ shape=”poly”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 30″ title=”Lot 30″ href=”#silverleaf_30″ coords=”364,187,381,264,419,260,454,147″ shape=”poly”> <area target=”” 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coords=”565,726,492,762,514,801,587,759″ shape=”poly”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 81″ title=”Lot 81″ href=”#silverleaf_81″ coords=”592,767,518,811,539,850,579,829,606,794″ shape=”poly”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 107″ title=”Lot 107″ href=”#silverleaf_107″ coords=”741,567,671,614,692,652,765,605″ shape=”poly”>AREA_END<area target=”” alt=”Lot 2″ title=”Lot 2″ href=”#silverleaf_2″ coords=”318,420,367,493,323,520,273,443″ shape=”poly”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 5″ title=”Lot 5″ href=”#silverleaf_5″ coords=”181,500,231,579,187,607,139,526″ shape=”poly”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 8″ title=”Lot 8″ href=”#silverleaf_8″ coords=”60,614,113,694,77,737,22,651″ shape=”poly”>’ lots_community=’SILVERLEAF ESTATES’]

Silverleaf, a community built for you and your family.

London Home Builders Millstone Homes - Icon Location


Silverleaf is a dynamic project that combines community and nature, all into your own active lifestyle. Experience the luxury of a home custom-designed for you and your family.

London Home Builders Millstone Homes - Icon Floor Plans

Floor Plans

Here at Silverleaf Estates, you can find the right home that fits the desires of you and your family. Just imagine your new life in a bespoke home, nestled in a thriving community. Homes start at just $700k!

London Home Builders Millstone Homes - Icon Floor Amenities


Gorgeous woodlots, scenic nature trails, and parks are just some of the perks! Silverleaf Estates is also close to schools, shopping, as well as sports and community centers for your whole family to enjoy.

London Home Builders Millstone Homes - Icon Getaway


Your home’s prime location means that you’re never too far from the bustle of London, and the 402 is not far away! With the Greenhills Golf Club nearby, you can be sure to ace your way around the fairway whenever you’d like.

London Home Builders Millstone Homes - Icon Style


We make it our mission to offer clients exclusive home designs, with a high attention to details—our houses speak for themselves! Just take a look at what Silverleaf Estates has to offer!

London Home Builders Millstone Homes - Icon You Can Call It Home

You can Call it Home

Your family deserves all the comfort and high-end beauty that Silverleaf Estates has to give. From a prime location, to a prime community…what more could you want? Make Silverleaf Estates your home today!


Lambeth Elementary School
Saunders Secondary School
Westmount Public School
Jean Vanier Separate School
Byron Somerset Public School
Byron Woods Montessori School


Wok Box
Abes on Exeter
Helen’s Restaurant
Black Diamond Bar & Grill
Olde London Fish & Chips
East Side Mario’s
Bernie’s Bar & Grill


Scotia Bank
TD Canada Trust
Libro Credit Union – Branch
RBC Royal Bank
CIBC Branch & ATM
BMO Bank of Montreal


Tim Hortons
Jubilee Kafe
Personal Service Coffee of London

Day Care

London Children’s Connection
Blooming Babies Child Care in Byron
Mulberry Bush Child Center
Byron Somerset
YMCA Childcare
Waddling Duck Child Care
Jean Vanier Separate School

Nursing Homes

Ashwood Manor Retirement Home
The Village of Glendale Crossing
Chartwell Royalcliff Retirement Residence
Westmount Gardens Long Term Care


Boston Pizza
Cyprus Pizza
The Italian House Pizzeria
Muldoon’s Pizza
Domino’s Pizza
Byron Pizza


New Hope Community Church
Trinity Lambeth Anglican Church
Forest City Community Church
St. George Parish
Westview Baptist Church

Fast Food

K’Bamboo House