Kilworth Community

Grounded in nature and designed for comfort with all the convenience of the city, Kilworth Heights West is a new, modern community that embodies luxury for individuals and families.

Width Ft
Length Ft
Lot 21 Poole Crescent45.01144.08Sold
Lot 27 Kaiser Lane45.01144.08Sold
Lot 57 Poole Crescent41.04130.57Sold
Lot 65 Winlow Way39.99108.27Sold
Lot 54 Poole Crescent41.0491.01Sold
Lot 30 Kaiser Lane45.01144.08Sold
Lot 66 Winlow Way39.99108.27Sold
Lot 28 Kaiser Lane45.01144.08Sold
Lot 23 Poole Crescent45.01144.08Sold
Lot 95 Poole Crescent44.26135.09Sold
Lot 56 Poole Crescent41.04105Sold
Lot 24 Poole Crescent45.01144.08Sold
Lot 11 Poole Crescent45147.7Sold
Lot 98 Poole Crescent39.99135.09Sold
Lot 96 Poole Crescent39.99135.09Sold
Lot 13 Poole Crescent45147.7Sold
Lot 29 Kaiser Lane45.01144.08Sold
Lot 12 Poole Crescent45147.7Sold
Lot 14 Poole Crescent45147.7Sold
Lot 16 Poole Crescent54.36144.08Sold
Lot 17 Poole Crescent50144.08Sold
Lot 18 Poole Crescent50144.08Sold
Lot 19 Poole Crescent50144.08Sold
Lot 20 Poole Crescent50144.08Sold
Lot 22 Poole Crescent45.01144.08Sold
Lot 25 Poole Crescent54.99144.08Sold
Lot 26 Kaiser Lane55.18144.08Sold
Lot 31 Kaiser Lane50144.08Sold
Lot 32 Kaiser Lane50144.08Sold
Lot 33 Kaiser Lane50144.19Sold
Lot 34 Kaiser Lane50144.08Available
Lot 35 Kaiser Lane54.36144.08Available
Lot 51 Poole Crescent43.86105.4Sold
Lot 52 Poole Crescent42.1998.85Sold
Lot 53 Poole Crescent41.6798.94Sold
Lot 55 Poole Crescent41.0493.54Sold
Lot 58 Poole Crescent50154.44Available
Lot 59 Poole Crescent50178.75Sold
Lot 60 Poole Crescent50203.06Sold
Lot 61 Poole Crescent50203.06Sold
Lot 62 Winlow Way44.36108.27Available
Lot 63 Winlow Way39.99108.27Sold
Lot 64 Winlow Way39.99108.27Sold
Lot 67 Winlow Way39.99108.27Sold
Lot 68 Winlow Way39.99108.27Sold
Lot 69 Winlow Way44.29108.27On Hold
Lot 97 Poole Crescent39.99135.09Sold
Lot 99 Poole Crescent39.99135.09Sold
Lot 100 Poole Crescent44.19135.09Sold


Nestled in the Thames valley west of London, the town of Kilworth combines the best of nature—river, wetlands, trails and provincial parklands—with a comfortable, family-friendly community and easy access to world-class art and entertainment, business and shopping, hospitals and schools.


Kilworth Heights West is well-suited for nature lovers, just steps away from the Thames River and Komoka Provincial Park with trails for hiking and mountain biking. Families will enjoy playgrounds and sports facilities, with a library, splash pad and community centre just a short walk away, along as four golf courses.