[lot_information map_source=”https://millstonehomes.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/London_Home_Builders_Millstone_Homes_Map_Highland_A.png,https://millstonehomes.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/London_Home_Builders_Millstone_Homes_Map_Highland_B.png” image_source=”https://millstonehomes.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/London_Home_Builders_Millstone_Homes_Location_Highland.jpg” see_models_image_source=”https://millstonehomes.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/London_Home_Builders_Millstone_Homes_See_Models.png” general_heading=”Welcome to Highland Green, an exclusive home ownership opportunity in London’s most prestigious community!” general_paragraph=”In this rare release of land, you can purchase a premier building lot, some of which backs onto Highland Golf and Country Club. This private community boasts executive custom home lots within a beautiful neighborhood.” slider_title=’Hover over the image to see a lot detail’ areas='<area target=”” alt=”Lot 5″ title=”Lot 5″ href=”#highland_5″ coords=”641,166,759,275″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 6″ title=”Lot 6″ href=”#highland_6″ coords=”641,294,756,353″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 7″ title=”Lot 7″ href=”#highland_7″ coords=”642,370,752,428″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 8″ title=”Lot 8″ href=”#highland_8″ coords=”645,441,754,496″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 9″ title=”Lot 9″ href=”#highland_9″ coords=”642,508,747,566″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 10″ title=”Lot 10″ href=”#highland_10″ coords=”637,583,757,640″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 11″ title=”Lot 11″ href=”#highland_11″ coords=”637,651,751,709″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 27″ title=”Lot 27″ href=”#highland_27″ coords=”264,324,361,455″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 1″ title=”Lot 1″ href=”#highland_1″ coords=”263,487,316,633″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 2″ title=”Lot 2″ href=”#highland_2″ coords=”336,489,394,633″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 3″ title=”Lot 3″ href=”#highland_3″ coords=”417,525,479,624″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 4″ title=”Lot 4″ href=”#highland_4″ coords=”493,526,555,627″ shape=”rect”>AREA_END<area target=”” alt=”Lot 26″ title=”Lot 26″ href=”#highland_26″ coords=”245,316,398,371″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 25″ title=”Lot 25″ href=”#highland_25″ coords=”423,309,575,369″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 21″ title=”Lot 21″ href=”#highland_21″ coords=”245,388,317,497″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 22″ title=”Lot 22″ href=”#highland_22″ coords=”336,388,409,499″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 23″ title=”Lot 23″ href=”#highland_23″ coords=”419,388,486,500″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 24″ title=”Lot 24″ href=”#highland_24″ coords=”503,385,570,487″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 12″ title=”Lot 12″ href=”#highland_12″ coords=”657,308,775,373″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 13″ title=”Lot 13″ href=”#highland_13″ coords=”651,389,777,445″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 14″ title=”Lot 14″ href=”#highland_14″ coords=”648,463,779,530″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 15″ title=”Lot 15″ href=”#highland_15″ coords=”647,556,783,691″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 16″ title=”Lot 16″ href=”#highland_16″ coords=”534,573,634,689″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 17″ title=”Lot 17″ href=”#highland_17″ coords=”466,572,529,681″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 18″ title=”Lot 18″ href=”#highland_18″ coords=”393,583,455,689″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 19″ title=”Lot 19″ href=”#highland_19″ coords=”317,574,375,690″ shape=”rect”> <area target=”” alt=”Lot 20″ title=”Lot 20″ href=”#highland_20″ coords=”249,573,301,688″ shape=”rect”>’ lots_community=’ HIGHLAND GREEN ESTATES’]

Why Highland Green is where it’s at

London Home Builders Millstone Homes - Icon Location


We needn’t explain the how great the opportunity is when land becomes available in the midst of a mature community, and an exclusive one at that! Mere minutes from London Health Sciences Centre and smack dab in the middle of the best South London has to offer!

London Home Builders Millstone Homes - Icon Floor Plans

Floor Plans

We encourage you to compare our level of effort in designing layouts and features. Imagine the possibilities of designing a true bespoke home to fit your lifestyle to the last detail, in one of the best neighbourhoods London has to offer. Starting at $700K.

London Home Builders Millstone Homes - Icon Floor Amenities


Literally in the middle of London’s South end, it’s within 5 minutes of most everything London has to offer. From Wortley Village to Schools, Hospitals, Downtown, etc. And oh yes – it sits on a golf course.

London Home Builders Millstone Homes - Icon Getaway


Located on the edge of the Highland Golf & Country Club, your weekend ‘getaways’ just became a whole lot closer! And with London just a short drive away, world-class shopping and fine-dining are never too far away.

London Home Builders Millstone Homes - Icon Style


An exclusive location isn’t the only thing that sets us apart! Superior design and a high attention to detail, mean that our houses speak for themselves. We encourage you to take a look!

London Home Builders Millstone Homes - Icon You Can Call It Home

You can Call it Home

From an exclusive location, to superb designing, to a house that is the envy of all that enter, what more could you want? Your new home is at Highland Green Estates.


Mountsfield Public School
Sir George Etienne Cartier Public School
Sir Isaac Brock Public School
Arthur Ford Public School
Cleardale Public School
London Yamaha Music School
Sir Arthur Carty Catholic Elementary School
Thames Valley District School Board
Tecumseh Public School
Wortley Road Public School
Westminster Secondary School
Kensal Park Public School
Kensal Park French Immersion PS
London International Academy


Waldo’s in Byron
Byron Pizza
Meesai Thai
Golden Dragon
Byron Freehouse
Mustang Sally’s
Angel’s Diner

Little Panda Restaurant
Harry’s Restaurant
Sono Karaoke
Big Night Restaurants and Bars
Macau Chinese Restaurant
Dawghouse Pub & Eatery
Crabby Joe’s Tap & Grill
Piping Kettle Soup Co.
Ichiban Sushi House
Mandarin Restaurant
Boss Hogs Smokin Chophouse


RBC Royal Bank
BMO Bank of Montreal
CIBC Branch & ATM
TD Canada Trust
Banque Laurentienne du Canada


Tim Hortons
Personal Service Coffee of London
Black Walnut Bakery Cafe

Day Care

YMCA Child Care
Temple Tots Day Care
Southdale Day Care Centre
Western Day Care
Calvary Nursery School

Nursing Homes

Chartwell Royalcliffe Retirement Residence
Cheshire Homes of London Inc
The Village of Glendale Crossing
Inspirit Residences
Dearness Home Service
Meadow Park Long Term Care


Pizza Pizza
Twice The Deal Pizza
Everfresh Pizza
Papa John’s Pizza
Domino’s Pizza


Harvest Bible Chapel of London
White Oaks United Church
Faith Lutheran Church
Greek Orthodox Community
St. Justin’s Parish
Pilgrim Canadian Reformed Church
Lighthouse Baptist Church

Fast Food

Dairy Queen
Fast Eddie’s
Quesada Burritos & Tacos