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Progress in Upper Richmond…

Staged photos and listing coming this weekend – Last lot in Broughdale Gates. Stay tuned. Here are some cell phone shots for now… Surrounded by some of London’s most magnificent homes and located in the private cul-de-sac of Broughdale Gates in upper Richmond, this remarkable residence truly stands out with its unique finishes and authentic character.Hundred year-old brick from a church in South London along with custom cast stone trim and blocks adorn the utterly timeless exterior. The pediments were cast from a mould that was designed and hand carved for only this magnificent facade. As with the rest of…

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1 Lot Left in Westfield Village!

Just a couple months ago we were proud to announce our new Oak Series Project (see blog post below). Our hope was that by offering carefully designed homes with unmatched luxury finishes, would get some attention. With even our trades purchasing an Oakseries home, we’ve definitely succeeded. We truly believe we’re offering more at this price point than anyone else and our sales look like they’re confirming this. Thank you for your interest! We love making history.  More lots opening in Foxwood Crossing.

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Thoughtful Touch #101

Certain details cost time and money, both of which are endangered species when it comes to builders trying to save on both. We like to think we’re one of the few London home builders that like to go that extra mile in thinking things through and giving a little more. Door switches are one of them. If you’re ever in a Millstone Home and you open a pantry door, don’t look for the light switch. The lighting is door-activated.

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Gorgeous in Wickerson Woods

It started with a ’boutique builder’ building a home for himself in Wickerson Woods; it ended in what you see in the images below. Before he moved in however, a lucky couple toured the home and fell in love. They needed one just like it, but a quick closing was required. The big hearted house craftsman did what was noble and nice. Now the lucky homeowner is enjoying features like walls completely covered with marble and stone, a stunning kitchen with countless cabinets, and impeccable transitional styling. Accents like the touch activated kitchen faucet are characteristics of the builder’s work.

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