facade design

Gorgeous in Wickerson Woods

It started with a ’boutique builder’ building a home for himself in Wickerson Woods; it ended in what you see in the images below. Before he moved in however, a lucky couple toured the home and fell in love. They needed one just like it, but a quick closing was required. The big hearted house craftsman did what was noble and nice. Now the lucky homeowner is enjoying features like walls completely covered with marble and stone, a stunning kitchen with countless cabinets, and impeccable transitional styling. Accents like the touch activated kitchen faucet are characteristics of the builder’s work.

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Façade Cont’d…

The cultured elegance of English exterior styling has become a favourite, considering our climate, environments and surrounding colours. The look of reclaimed brick and aged limestone, especially of light earthy tones were our choice of being both very sophisticated and fitting in. (A Mediterranean can stick out like a sore thumb in certain neighborhoods).

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A Study in Timelessness.

A lifetime of travel and 3 months of “spare time” last year resulted in a home design you might be interested to know more about. A desire to understand what details in the residences of Europe give them that timeless appeal, that character and personality that makes you feel “complete”, has led us on many an adventure. Loads of soul-less square footage doesn’t do it, this study in design is the anti-McMansion.

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